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it's just about that time again

Every year, come my birthday or XMAS, I respecfully ask both parents to get me very little or nothing. Not that I'm opposed to gifts but I just don't have much of anywhere to put anything anymore. Dad is very resistant to this and not only buys me stuff but gets the oddest assortment of wonkiness...his gifts almost scare me. So, this year (blood vengeance) I'll be shopping for his gift out of here: Clicky...

...which may not seem bad but trust me, it'll drive him nuts.

I'm a big fan of family holidays and am usually quite festive with them. Which differs slightly from KevinniveK's philosophy. He's not in favor of Father's Day, or Mother's Day really, as he doesn't see why he should treat them better on one particular day as opposed to all the others. Granted, he treats his parents better than almost anybody I can think of so I suppose if he did put in an effort on their respective special days...he'd keel over dead.

How're you planning on spending Father's Day?
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