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The Book of Days

all holidays, past and present, here and there

all holidays around the world
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What makes today so special? Let's learn about holidays we never heard of before.
This community's purpose will be for people across the world to post information, discussions, crafts, rants, links, stories, book recommendations, and histories all relevant to the current and/or upcoming holiday. Not just Christmas, not just Halloween, but also a variety of other holidays from various nations and belief systems, some of which may still be celebrated, and some of which may be long left behind in history. When this community was created, there weren't any other Livejournal communities like this. This isn't a community for birthday announcements, although discussions about various kinds of birthday celebrations in general are on-topic.

This community's user icon is from something akin to a calendar, an illuminated fifteenth-century Book of Hours (January in Les Tres Riches Heurs du Duc de Berry).

Websites we use as reference:

Here's a list of other LiveJournal communities about holidays and the turning of the year.

You can download a backup of this community, from its start until early 2008, as thebookofdays.pdf. It's ideal for reading offline or printing.

If this isn't the journal you expected to see here, you might be looking for bookofdays or book_of_days. No relation!
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